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Terms of use & disclaimer

1. The website is used at your own risk. The personnel try to ensure the informational content within the site is accurate and up-to-date, but cannot gaurantee this. Any personnel working for are by no means liable for the information gained from the website and the correctness of the information is not gauranteed.

2. Please ensure you check the relative qualifications of any business / business personnel before using their services. Again, do not gaurantee any service(s) offered from within the website and cannot be held liable. Any service used, is done so at your own risk.

3. Anyone using the website cannot:

a. use it for any unlawful purpose.
b. use the information in a malicious or negative manner that might be detrimental to anyone.
c. amend the details without prior consent.
d. copy or use the information for another database.
e. tamper with the website to affect how it operates.

4. By using the website you consent to the way the information is presented and agree to the terms of use.

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