MySwansea.Biz Helping the Businesses and People of Swansea through the Recession

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About Us

What is the goal of and why was it setup?
In a nutshell was set up for the businesses and people of Swansea (plus surrounding area) to help them through the recession and promote a strong core local economy.

Why would a consumer use to find local businesses over any other information source?
In a nutshell it's because their pocket will be better off. Using will save them money and get them better value. They will recieve information about special offers in the city, including when and where they are.

Why would a Business use to improve their business?

  • It's free - There is absolutely no risk for businesses. allows businesses to promote their services and products free for all of 2010. After this initial period it is up to the businesses to decide whether the connection is working for them. It's designed in the longterm to sustain itself with each company contributing a nominal fee (from less than £1 per week!) to cover administation costs etc.. for promoting their businesses.
  • allow businesses to communicate with potential customers, letting them know who they are, what they offer and why their money would be better spent with them over a competitior. has such flexibility to change and update information that businesses can try different approaches to generate more revenue each month and see which type of offer promote customers to take action.
Saving you money
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